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Winning against Odds - Think out of the box !

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

David rose up to the challenge and could convince King Saul that he can fight the enemy. All that Saul had was to believe on the confidence that David demonstrated. Saul then started to inculcate his approach onto David. David heard Saul and tried but he was not ready to handle it.

Goliath on the other side was expecting to see an equal opponent to be sent to him from the Israeli army so that he can engage in a physical and manly fight. Saul was also engaging to prepare David for a physical hand to hand fight.

David goes in front of Goliath and challenges him and gets taunted and infuriates Goliath. Goliath was charging towards David to kill him but David held his ground and took a sling and sunk a hold into the forehead of Goliath. The war was won without David touching Goliath.

What do we learn from this? The opponent is strong and mighty and is having a great run, but David on the other hand was clear about the end goal, he wanted Goliath dead. He again got back to his strength areas. He was good at using the sling and chose to use it. He changed the game from his weakest area to his strongest area. The enemy was anticipating a physical fight but David chose otherwise to cause the same damage. The game was over even before it started. David struck when the enemy least expected.

Summary : When you find an established market leader or employee who thinks he/she is the best and is reeling in pride to cause you damage or seems like is unassailable, you need to think out of the box. Don’t stress hard to engage in their strength areas but engage in your strengths, be dedicated and confident. Be earnest and focussed on your purpose. Focus on the end result and don’t worry about everyone around or anything else that is distracting you.

– Samuel Seelam

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