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Habits Die Hard !

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Once upon a time in a village there was a small girl whose name was Emma. Her birthday was fast approaching and she was thinking of the gift she should ask her parents. She finally decided what she wanted and a month before her birthday broke the news to her parents that she wanted her gift to be a pig so that she can make it her pet. Her parents were puzzled at her uncommon request but gave up quickly as she firmly insisted about it. On the day of her birthday as she opened her eyes, she has the cutest little pig in front of her. Her happiness knew no bounds and she was thrilled, she named her Pinky the pig.

Over the weekend Emma wanted to take Pinky out for a walk in the open. She dressed her up and tied a bow to it and put it on a soft leash and started to take it out for a walk. She was talking to Pinky and walking her pet with pride. All of a sudden, she felt a jerk on her hand and before she could realize Pinky was in a puddle of water and mire that accumulated due to the rains. She was devastated. The grooming, the care and the love she had showed Pinky literally went down the drain. By now Pinky had mud all over it and was so happy to play in the mire. Emma took hold of the leash and had to drag her out of the mire and walk her back home against its wish. Emma came home in tears and spent the next hour cleaning it up and talking to it and explaining why it was wrong to do that and so on. She continued to coach Pinky to keep away from the mire and not to behave in ways that are contrary to care and love its getting.

The next weekend Emma spent an hour talking to Pinky as she was readying her for another walk. It started off well and as they reached the miry pit, Pinky looked up. Emma had a stern face and firmly told Pinky to look away and continue to walk forward. To her dismay, Pinky jumped forward and into the miry pit and was happy as ever to play in the dirt. This time Pinky got spanked at home and was disciplined. Emma thought this will help but on the next two weekends, the same happened. Emma lost all hope and felt Pinky did not understand the love she had for her. She sobbed and narrated all this to her parents and asked for a solution. Her father promised to drive her and Pinky to Dr. Potluck the next day. Emma was excited as they reached the hospital and she narrated the problem with Pinky. Dr. Potluck reassuringly told her he knows the problem and can cure Pinky in 3 weeks. Emma was overjoyed and left Pinky with the Doctor and returned home. She counted the days and finally it was 3 weeks.

They went to Dr. Potluck and was thrilled to see Pinky again, she could not make out any difference but the Doctor convincingly told her that she will not jump into the dirty pit again, he asked them to come for a review next week. The next day Emma got Pinky ready and took her out for a walk. As they neared the miry pit, she was observing Pinky closely, this time she was disinterested in jumping or even looking at the pit. Emma was stunned and so brought her on walks every day that week and saw that Pinky did not go near the dirty pit. It was not time for a review with Dr. Potluck and Emma was full of questions. As she reached there she asked “Dr. You are a miracle worker, What did you do?” He examined Pinky and told her she is fine now and then explained what he did. He said I had to change his heart and that’s what I did. I removed the heart of a pig that wants to go into the mire and replaced it with the heart of a sheep.

Summary: The Bible says “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 27:19 says “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”

– Samuel Seelam

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