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Winning always !

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Winning and Success are not synonyms and cannot be used interchangeably. Leaders that we admired faced major failures in life, they did not Win all the time. They had terrible setbacks and failures however they rose above them and learnt how to win when it matters and learnt from failures. They were not losers but learners from failures.

Muhammad Ali quotes “Success is not achieved by winning all the time. Real success comes when we rise after we fall… ” I think its key for us to grow to maturity and understand that winning all the time does not make us great or successful role models.

Lets understand the anatomy of winning. It's like a drug, it feels great and keeps you going and makes you dependent on itself and takes you on a one way street. You don’t see the exit signs but keep burning yourself to keep speeding on the winning highway. Winning in itself is not bad but knowing how to handle a loss is something that needs a lot of maturity and humility. The problem is not about winning but desperately wanting to win all the time and at any cost.

It takes years to build relationships and a reputation but obsession to win at any cost will hurt all that you took years to build. Many are the leaders who have won by all means and that greed has led many of them into prison or bankruptcy. The damage is not to oneself but collateral, to the family, the organization and in some cases the larger society.

Leaders need to learn to be humble in winning and also in losing. Learn from every win and loss. Leaders should look for ways to make sure everyone’s interests are protected and not be exploitative.

Summary: Winning is great and can be highly addictive but the true winner is one who finds win-win solutions every time, demonstrates courage by giving up, accept losing at the right time with enormous grace, embrace humility in winning and losing. These are the true Leaders and role models!!

– Samuel Seelam

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