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Winning Against Odds - Focus on your strengths !

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

We are all familiar with the story of David and Goliath. David was a shepherd boy and Goliath was a war machine. David kills Goliath against all odds and the Israeli army wins over the Philistines. Lets try and understand few important aspects of Leadership from this story.

When the army of Israel was challenged by Goliath a lone warrior 9 feet and 9 inches tall who was mighty giant to send one person to combat with him. The stipulation was who ever wins the other side would become their slaves. The King of Israel and his army were fearful and perplexed. David enters the scene and would like to fight Goliath. David was a shepherd boy, he was not a trained warrior, he was not old enough to join the army, he was not invited, people including the king said you are inexperienced and not ready and he had no credentials to show.

With so many disadvantages on his side he ask Saul to permit him to fight Goliath and more so is confident he can kill him. Most of us leaders are perplexed looking at the situations we are in. We are put in roles we don’t know anything about. we join teams where people are far more qualified that we are. Our education qualifications or trainings do not match the role or jobs we are assigned to. We are operating in countries or geographies that we are totally unsure of how to handle. We are in projects that are sure to fail and we don’t have a clue on how to remediate difficult situations.

David did not look at his disadvantages or get perplexed by fear or anticipation of failure. Instead he looked at his strengths and recounted his past victories. He says “I killed a lion and a Bear” and adds to it saying “..the Lord who rescued me from the Lion and the bear will also rescue me from this Philistine.. David remembered his victories, he remembered how he struck down wild beasts, he had faith in God to rescue him. His focus was totally on his strengths and not on his weaknesses

Summary: Today, as a leader if you are faced with such situations, please look back at your past victories, look at your strengths, look at your source of strength and focus on it so that you are not perplexed with fear or anticipation of failure and eventually fail.

– Samuel Seelam

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