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I know what you do! Do you know that?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The internet is a world of opportunity with limited to no controls or restrictions. This lends itself to unlimited options to explore and innovate, however it also opens itself up to a lot of content that ideally does not differentiate or set filters on who or what content is being accessed.There has been a lot of debate recently on personal data usage and regulations around control however we are far away from a consistent fool proof system. Most often we mindlessly click and agree to give control and approval for our information to be used.

We often worry what our kids, loved ones or employees are accessing on the internet & how detrimental or addictive it can be. What is more disruptive and disturbing is how much access and information the internet has and knows about us. People overrate the risk of content exposure to privacy/personal data exposure and are often oblivious about the risks and downsides of this.

The internet knows your passwords, your buying preferences, your friends, your location as you traverse across, your payment patterns, your likes, dislikes, personal statistics and personal life. Using this information, the internet tweaks the content it shares with you and will encourage you to act in a particular way. This can manipulate your actions and eventually your choices and personality.

People make the assumption that all this information is safe and will be used appropriately. Identity theft seems foreign to a lot of people. Same people are wary but think the odds are high and they are not a lucrative catch. Lastly, the lure of being known or being accepted / # of likes is compelling than being restrictive on what you do on the Internet.

Summary: Digital is forever ! You leave your digital fingerprints in places you don’t remember or should not. We should weigh the risks of what we share or use the internet for against, the value we are getting and act wisely.

– Samuel Seelam

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